Actor & Performer


The Onion once called him a "star on the rise", as did his mother before she stopped answering his calls for money.

Sommer was born in the Dominican Republic and raised in Miami, Florida; so he not only speaks Spanish but can also handle up to the "Hot BBQ" sauce at Buffalo Wild Wings. He is a graduate of Tisch School of the Arts, enjoys playing video games and hiking, is most at home in social settings, and has always had a joy and excitement for life that he brings to everything he does.


Recipient of a 2018 True West Award from The Denver Center for the Performing Arts for his performance in Paper Cut by Andrew Rosendorf.

"What a miracle for Local to have found an actor whose every physical aspect fits the needs of Kyle’s character, especially an actor as talented as Carbuccia. The range of emotions required for this role is astounding and he rises to the occasion on every front, bringing us the tired and scared soldier to the tender lover. He endures pain, bares his soul, stands up for himself and displays his vulnerability, all within the course of about ninety minutes." - Beki Pineda for GetBoulder